January 16, 2012

Rights and Democracy Fundraiser

Sunday, January 22, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Mona Lisa Restaurant, 1697 Corydon Avenue
Tickets: $20 (we keep $10) 
Donations are gladly accepted.

It's that time of year when Weyni and Mary are trying to save the world. 

Miss Weyni Abraha will be traveling to her birthplace in the mountains of Ethiopia to fulfill the practicum requirement of her International Development Degree. 

Weyni comes from an isolated community.  Although the Irob people have lived modestly on the land for hundreds of years, the recent conflict in the area has crippled their ability to feed their own.  The community is completely dependant of foreign food aid, which is keeping these people alive, but it is not sustainable. 

Our long term aim is to build self sufficiency through local knowledge and partnership.  
We believe that said should be done with the local people, not to them.

Although the climate is seasonally arid there is a well near the school where Weyni's mother teaches. We propose to start a community garden on the school grounds.  We are aware that a small garden in not going to eliminate their need for aid, but it is a start.  It gives the students something to be responsible for and something to be proud of.  And a small garden can be expanded in time! 

Also, this is sustainable. 

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