January 14, 2012

Les Vulves radicales

 "The Radical Vulvas" originated in 2007 in Halifax, at the Dalhousie University Women's Centre. It is a community response to The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler.   

We are inviting everyone to express themselves, through any medium on the subject of women, or "femininity", or the very notion of women.  As a "write your own" production, the Radical Vulvas is whatever the community makes of it.  

The event itself will take place on February 11, at Café Artère, 7000 Avenue du Parc, Metro Parc, Montreal, Quebec H3N 1X1.   

We are accepting submissions, questions or comments by email.   
Please send either a copy of your text or a sound recording.  
Performance submissions should be under ten minutes.    

If the bulk of the piece is made up of some other element, a description of your piece and what you are communicating would be ideal. You can perform original work or someone else's work, or they can perform yours.  
Submissions may be in English or in French; the production itself will be completely bilingual. We would also like to include the visual arts and are looking to display paintings, photography, etc. 

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