August 8, 2012

Folklorama: Dance Group from Mexico!!

Dance Group from Mexico set to perform at Shalom Square
August 12 - August 18

Show Time:
Sun - Thu 6:45, 8:15, 9:45 pm 
Fri 5:15, 6:45 pm 
Sat 9:45, 11:15 pm

Dinner Reservations (204) 477-7534 

Shalom Square is an eagerly anticipated staple of Folklorama.  Guests can take a whirlwind tour of exciting, diverse dance from Israel, with internationally renowned and Winnipeg’s own Chai Folk Ensemble and Anajnu Veatem, Mexico City’s premier Israeli dance troupe.  They bring to life the best of Israeli folklore and culture through music, song and dance.

The Rady JCC is honoured to host the Shalom Square Israeli Pavilion once again.

Anajnu Veatem, which means “Us and You” in Hebrew, began 41 years ago in Mexico.  A traditional Jewish dance group, they also represent the cultural diversity of Mexico.

Along with delicious hummus, falafel, tasty dessert and the cold cool taste of Maccabee Israeli beer, guests will be able to savour the cultural displays and musical performances showcasing the best of Israel. 

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