August 18, 2012

Stephen La Frenie Commedia Dell' Arte Workshop

The Poor Fools Commedia presents: 
Stephen La Frenie Commedia Dell’ Arte Workshop 
August 28, 6 - 10 pm
Manitoba Theatre for Young People, 2 Forks Market Road, Richardson Hall
Cost: $30

Please email Cory Wojcik to confirm your spots and to make payment arrangements. 
Please pay the workshop fee by Friday, Aug 24 and make cheques to Cory Wojcik.

Winnipeggers saw Stephen as the Devil in the 2012 Fringe hit The Last Man on Earth. 

The workshop deals with several of the stock characters. Students will find a stock character that suits them but will also be encouraged to find a modern reference in order to understand the stock personality. Mask presentation techniques will be taught and then students will improvise a short scenario using various comic routines.  Commedia improvisation is improvisation that circles a set plot line or theme. 

Stephen La Frenie has been performing and teaching physical theatre for over 30 years. His training includes acting. He has also studied mime with Tony Montanaro and clown with Dean Gilmour.

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