August 20, 2012

Manitoba Goddess Festival 2012

August 31 to September 3
Aurora Farm in St. Norbert, Manitoba
This year celebrating the Slavic Crone Goddess Baba Yaga! 
We are an all ages, family friendly dry festival. 

The Manitoba Goddess Festival is the FIRST and ONLY Goddess Festival running in all of Canada.  This non-profit arts and cultural festival celebrating the Divine Feminine kicks off Friday night with an incredible live ritual theatre performance. 

Our focus is on delivering transformative, spiritual and creative community based programming open to all people including:
Goddess Temple and Shadow Work Hut
Fire dancers, poets, bellydancers, folk and funk musicians and circus performers.
Sunday night jam and “Unleash the Wildness Within” Costume Dance Party

Workshops on contact improv, storytelling, creating rituals, aromatherapy, working with the Crone Goddess, archetypes and other topics will be given by experts in their field such as Dr. Pat Farrell of the Cultural Research Institute. 

An amazing gathering of artists, including Gaia Pente, T’ai Pu, Sacred Flames, Beauties Del Bosque and more, will be rocking it!

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