August 6, 2012

Miss La Muse's Burlesque Jam

August 12, 1:00 pm
The Foxy Shoppe, 87 King Street

Every second Sunday of the month, Miss La Muse will be hosting a Burlesque Jam!

What is a Burlesque Jam? 
This is an informal, drop-in only workshop, for burlesque performers and enthusiasts to gather in a supportive studio setting to perform burlesque routines and receive advice from specialist Miss La Muse, and get feedback from the group! 
As well, creating an opportunity for discussions and inspiration! 
Aww heck, it's also an excuse to prance around in pasties and costumes!

This workshop is for you if you are a performing artist/burlesque dancer, if you have already taken burlesque workshops, if you have intentions to perform burlesque, etc. 
This is NOT an introduction to burlesque workshop. 

As always, all workshops are queer friendly.

Drop in only. $20

What is Burlesque?
Check out Angela's promo reel.

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