August 29, 2012

The Women's Canadian Club of Winnipeg presents Sel Burrows

September 12
Winnipeg Convention Centre in the Pan Am Room on the 2nd floor 
Doors open at 11 am and lunch is served at 12 noon sharp  

Reservations or Cancellations: September 4 to 7
Please telephone 204-663-5657 or e mail The Women's Canadian Club of Winnipeg
Tickets are picked up at the door.
Please pay by cheque or exact change.

$22.00 Members who reserve 
$24.00 Members who have not reserved
$25.00 for non-members who reserve 

If you reserve and are unable to attend, advise us prior to the cancellation deadline, 
or you will be billed.

Sel Burrows will tell us how the community of Point Douglas took on the criminal element of what once was a very high crime area and turned it into a safe environment.  
He will explain some of the innovative methods used to turn landlords into allies and how community based action done by volunteers can be utilized in other high crime areas.

Membership in The Women's Canadian Club of Winnipeg is $35.00 per year.  

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