August 13, 2012

Women in Blues (WIB)

August 19, 1 pm 
Women in Blues Extravaganza
Red River Exhibition Grounds
Tickets: $37.50 weekend pass, $22.50 day pass

Angel Calnek and Slide Boy Sandmoen from Hillbilly Burlesque join Winnipegger Kathy Kennedy and her band for a set of Manitoba's Women in Blues.  
Both blues women are featured on the Women in Blues CDs 1 & 2 which are supported by blues aficionadoes such as CBC's Holgar Peterson of Saturday Night Blues and Blues Brother Dan Akyroyd, who also sponsored WIB CD #1.   

Other headliners include Jimmie Vaughan and the Tilt a Whirl Band, The Sojourners, Steve Dawson, Jim Byrnes, Big Dave Maclean, Romi Mayes, The Perpetrators and 
Little Miss Higgins.

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