November 3, 2011

Bill Blaikie: An Insider's Look at Faith and Politics

Nov 09, 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium
The Blaikie Report: An Insider's Look at Faith and Politics (UCPH)

Bill Blaikie has a unique insider’s perspective on political life in Canada. 
As a United Church minister reflecting on three decades in the House of Commons, he tells the overlooked story of Canada’s Christian left and of the New Democratic Party’s roots in the social gospel and its ongoing influence. 

This lively book is peppered with personal anecdotes, and events from Canada’s recent history.

Bill Blaikie was ordained to the ministry of The United Church of Canada in 1978. 
In 1979 he was elected to Parliament; he was re-elected eight times, retiring from federal politics in 2008 as the Dean of the House of Commons. 
He is now an adjunct professor in theology at the University of Winnipeg, and Director of the Knowles-Woodsworth Centre for Theology and Public Policy.

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