November 28, 2011

Randy Turner: Back in the Bigs

Back in the Bigs: How Winnipeg won, lost and regained its place in the NHL
December 4, 2:00 - 4:00 pm by the Cash Desk 

When the Jets flew south in ‘96, victims of a nose-diving Canadian dollar and the NHL’s new sun belt philosophy, “Winnipeg didn’t just lose a hockey team. It lost history. It lost prestige. It lost civic pride. It lost Keith Tkachuk,” writes Randy Turner in the opening of Back In the Bigs. 

Now, in 2011, as the Jets finally return to Manitoba and an entire country revels in the glorious resurrection of one of Canada’s most beloved NHL franchises it’s time to look back on the history of professional hockey in Winnipeg. 
Randy Turner is a National Newspaper Award-winning sportswriter. He has covered sports for the Winnipeg Free Press for twenty years. 

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