November 4, 2011

Miriam Kalb / K.C. Konrad

Lead Me Not Into Temptation: I Can Find It Myself: Grandma Goes Online
Nov 10, 8:00 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant

Kayla knows she is pushing the boundaries of her vintage life. 

Her curious nature and adventurous spirit leads her to enter the online dating world in spite of many questions. 
She doesn't anticipate the flareup of a persistent, well-meaning, but outspoken, inner voice that sticks to her like glue and follows every move she makes.
That's not the only surprise that awaits on her journey to find a compatible companion.

Miriam Kalb has lived here all her life. Her adult years have been spent as a quiet, responsible wife, mother, schoolteacher, artist and musician. 
Now it seems a writer has popped out of nowhere. She more or less demanded her own identity.  Hence the pen name K.C. Konrad. 
It sounded writer-like so Miriam accepted it. 

To learn more, visit Miriam's blog about writing and publishing this, her first book.

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