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November 22, 2011

Winter at Gentle Barn

Monty and Marsha, two turkeys, were rescued from Thanksgiving two years ago. 
They act like a married couple with Marsha always fussing over him, and Monty patient and loving with his bride. Monty thinks he is a movie star and lives to please and show off for his fans. When groups of people call out "Hey, Monty" he gobbles back to them.

Wild turkeys live for about 20 years, can fly, run, mate and live in large family groups. Domesticated turkeys are genetically engineered to get very big, very fast so they can be slaughtered when they are only 12 weeks old. They live only a few years and cannot run or mate and have a hard time walking. They are so intelligent and affectionate, it is such a shame that their bodies are set up to fail.

Monty had health issues and we almost lost him last year. He was in heart failure and the vet told us to say our goodbyes and that he would not recover. But we didn't give up on him and miraculously, Monty did recover and stayed with us to keep dazzling folks with his magic personality and winning plumage. 

With his beautiful wife by his side, what's not to love? 
Sponsor a Gentle Barn turkey this month! 

You, or your recipient if it's a gift, will receive a picture of the turkey you sponsored and his story, and each month you will get an emailed update with a new picture.


Want another turkey story?

If you haven't already, get your Gentle Barn calendar today! 
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Because many of our animals have all been severely abused before coming here, their care is very expensive. One of the ways we can afford to care for them is by you sponsoring them.  

We have 135 animals and they all need sponsors. Their sponsorship amounts vary from $5 for a chicken to $50 per month for a horse through our Virtual Barnyard. You will get a picture and bio of your animal and a regular emailed update of how he is doing.

It is a great feeling knowing that you can have a special relationship for the life of that animal.  It also makes a great gift or a special way to honor a loved one. 

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