November 16, 2011

Nov 22 - The 99% Rallies!!!

Tuesday, November 22 · 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
St. James Park, King Street and Jarvis Street

Community rally and march to oppose austerity measures in our city, to fight police repression against activists during the G20, at Occupy Toronto, and in marginalized communities and in solidarity with political prisoners.

From June 21 to June 27 2010, tens of thousands of people mobilized on the streets of Toronto to resist the G20 meetings knowing that they were initiating the 'age of austerity'. We mobilized for Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination, for migrant justice and an end to war and occupation; for climate justice; against income inequality and for community control over resources. We fought to end capitalism and colonization. 

Across the globe we've seen austerity measures snatching away health, educational and social services, while the governments of G20 countries continue to bail out banks and corporations. 

We have grown tired of the rule of the 1% at the expense of all of us.  
We want to see a better, freer and more just world.  

Join us as we tell the capitalist elite that if you won't let us dream, we won't let you sleep! Our resolve is stronger than their prison walls, and we will continue to fight against any and all repression!

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