November 15, 2011

End Human Trafficking Now!!

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world.  

It consists of the use of force, fraud, and coercion to subject a person to forced labor 
or sexual exploitation.   
Every year human traffickers generate billions of dollars by exploiting those seeking 
a better life.  

Please help.
Learn to spot the signs of trafficking.
If you see signs of trafficking, use the Polaris Project's confidential online reporting form or call 1.888.3737.888 - or give the number to the individual you think is being exploited.

Polaris Project is one of the leading anti-trafficking organizations in the United States 
and Japan.  Its vision is for a world without slavery.  

Named after the North Star that guided slaves towards freedom along the Underground Railroad, Polaris Project has been providing a comprehensive approach to combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery since 2002.   

Polaris Project is a leading organization in the United States combating all forms of human trafficking and serving both U.S. citizens and foreign national victims.   

We use a holistic strategy, taking what we learn from our work with survivors and using it to guide the creation of long-term solutions. We strive for systemic change by advocating for stronger federal and state laws, operating the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline 1.888.3737.888, and providing services to help all victims of human trafficking.  

Our strategy is grounded in an analysis of human trafficking as a market-based phenomenon driven by two primary factors: low risk and high profit. We believe that we can end modern-day slavery by making human trafficking a high risk, low profit endeavor.  

Human trafficking is a crime that knows no borders or boundaries. It occurs in every country around the world and affects every population of people, regardless of geographic location.  

Check out the links to organizations / agencies that provide services to human trafficking victims abroad or have resources for individuals interested in learning more about human trafficking on a global scale.

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