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January 19, 2011

Be a Pet Foster Parent

Do you love puppies? 
Do you want to directly help mama dogs and their babies start their lives off right?
Have you ever considered becoming a pet foster parent?

The Winnipeg Humane Society is in need of foster parents for some litters of new puppies who need to be cared for until they're old enough for their spay/neuter surgeries and adoption. 

The Foster Care Program provides everything that is needed for the care of the animals while in a foster home.  The only thing that a potential Foster Parent needs is a separate room (spare room, laundry room, bathroom, etc.) to quarantine from other animals in the home, and lots of love and attention. 

The work is hard, but the payoff to see your foster animal go into their home is worth it!

If you live outside of Winnipeg, you can still foster!  You just need to be able to transport your foster pets into the city for check-ups and supplies.

Download a Foster Application form (PDF 12KB) and an information brochure on becoming a foster parent (PDF 202KB).

Please call 982-2049 or email for more information.


We're looking for an x-pen both for shelter use and to send out to our foster parents who have taken on litters of puppies. 
Can you imagine having 10 one-month old pups running around your kitchen?! 
Yes, it would be cute and mighty entertaining, but it would still be best to have an x-pen for them. 
If you are able to donate one, we would certainly appreciate the kind gesture!

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