January 28, 2011

Speaking Crow: Jennifer Still

Aqua Books is pleased to present Jennifer Crow as part of the poetry series Speaking Crow. 

The Crow starts at 7:00 pm on February 1 and is followed by two open-mic sets, with short breaks in between. 

Jennifer Still is the author of two full-length books of poetry: Saltations, and Girlwood.

The word “saltation” has biological and geological meanings, but in general terms it means to dance or leap about. 
Still’s poems are always questing and considering: after a family origin; what a texture might mean; how an emotion transmogrifies.  In Still’s world, the air has hinges and the human heart is a fractal economy.

Jennifer Still is one of the founders of JackPine Press, and has worked for Grain magazine. 
In 2008, her work won the Saskatchewan CBC Poetry Face-Off, and Girlwood won first prize in the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild’s John V. Hicks manuscript awards.

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