January 25, 2011

Workshops with Doreen Pendgracs

Doreen Pendgracs is slated to give 5 workshops for Volunteer Manitoba in the first half of this year.

Feb 8 - Roles & Responsibilities of the Board, Lakeview Resort, Gimli, MB. 
Feb 11 - Understanding Human Dynamics, Volunteer MB, Winnipeg 
April 1 - Protecting your Organization from Disaster, Volunteer MB, Winnipeg
April 13 - Roles & Responsibilities of the Board, Volunteer MB, Winnipeg
May 5 - Attracting & Retaining the Right People, Volunteer MB, Winnipeg

Please visit Volunteer Manitoba's site for details and to register.

You can also check out Doreen Pendgrac's website for further updates.
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  1. Thanks for helping spread the word, Marg!

    We can never learn too much about human dynamics, and the premise of most of my workshops is just that. Understanding our own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of others. And realizing how that all fits within the dynamics of the organization for which we are volunteering.

    Lots to learn, and it's fun and enlightening sharing tales about our volunteering experiences, triumphs and tribulations.