January 5, 2011

The Winnipeg Humane Society Needs You

The Winnipeg Humane Society needs your help in many ways.

Help Winnipeg's feral cats this winter. 
This link has instructions on building an insulated shelter that anyone can make. 
The WHS has a TNR program so that you can help trap, neuter and release any feral cats in your area to make sure they don't reproduce!

Got some leftover gift cash? 
Skip the bling this year and help the animals by purchasing a virtual gift for our shelter pets. Check out our holiday gift guide

A happy tail wag...a contented purrrr  
Choose from the list below to provide that extra special treat for an animal in care.  
Make your donation in honour of your favorite aunt, your grandfather, your mailman or your neighbor.   
The WHS will send out a lovely greeting from the shelter in recognition of your donation as a gift to your chosen friends and family.

Cat Toys
1 Can of Tennis Balls
1 Case of Wet Cat Food
1 Large Dog Kong
1 Busy Ball (Interactive Dog Toy)
1 Easy Walk Dog Harness
Litter for a Cat Condo for 1 Week (up to 6 cats)
1 Case of Dog Treats
2 Kong Wobblers (Interactive Dog Toys)
Furminator (Pet Grooming Tool)
Good Grooming Clippers
1 Kuranda Bed
1 Medium Wire Kennel (Kennel Training)

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