January 30, 2011


It is no secret that we eat too much meat and too many animal products. 

This February, the shortest month of the year, let's challenge ourselves to eat a diet based on whole grains, root vegetables, oils, legumes, nuts and vegetables.  By aiming to eat vegetarian, vegan, or just even a few meat-free meals per week, you can improve your health, the health of the planet, and the lives of farm animals.

Veguary is NOT an attempt to turn people vegetarian or vegan. 
The point is to get us looking at what is balanced, sustainable, and ethical. 

You will learn new things about your body, very likely lose weight, acquire new delicious recipes, and gain a new perspective. 

By eating vegetarian/vegan, one person saves between 50-100 animals per year. 
By participating in Veguary you can save up to 8 animal lives in a single month.

So take this one month to review the way you think about your diet and how it relates to your body, the environment, and the animals who provide you with the food. 

It's easy to participate in Veguary at some level! 

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