January 14, 2011

Joshua Key: The Deserter's Tale

Come to McNally Robinson Booksellers on Monday January 17 and meet Joshua Key, who will be in the Atrium, at 7:00 pm, signing copies of his book The Deserter's Tale

Joshua Key, a young husband and father from a conservative background in Oklahoma, enlisted in the United States Army in 2002, to get training as a welder and lift his family out of poverty. 

Although he believed that he would not be deployed, a year later, the U.S. military invaded Iraq. The war Key found himself participating in was not the campaign against terrorists and evildoers he had expected. Instead, he saw Iraqi civilians beaten and shot and killed or maimed for little or no provocation.  He participated in frequent raids on homes he was told were harbouring terrorists.  

After seven months in Iraq, Key went home on leave, and knew he could not return. So he took his family and went underground in the US, finally seeking war refugee status in Canada after fourteen months in hiding.

He resides in Saskatchewan and awaits the decision from a recent application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for spousal sponsorship after losing his latest appeal to the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board.

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll Free 1-800561-1833)

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