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June 23, 2011

Aleesa Cohene: I know how you feel

Wednesday, June 29 · 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
MAWA, 611 Main St


I know how you feel
Curated by Clint Enns

Aleesa Cohene, the Sobey-nominated artist, will be in attendance!
She is a Toronto based video artist who uses found-footage as material and editing as a tool. Cohene provides us with a lens under which the viewer can see and examine many of the stereotypes present in traditional narrative cinema. In essence, she is revealing the mirror which the media uses to reflect our “beliefs” back to us.

Artistically and ethically speaking, Cohene does not see these images as private property, but as “basic materials through which we have an obligation to express ourselves and define our individuality.”

Aleesa Cohene has been producing videos since 2001. Her work has shown in festivals and galleries across Canada as well as in Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Scandinavia, Thailand, Turkey and the United States.
She has won prizes at Utrecht’s Impakt Festival and Toronto’s Images Festival. 

The screening will include:

Abscess (2001, 10 minutes).

Absolutely (2001, 10 minutes)

All Right (2003, 7 minutes)

Ready to Cope (2006, 7 minutes)

Suppose To (2006, 7 minutes)

The Same Problem (2008, 4 minutes) 

Something Better (2008, 8 minutes) 

Presented in partnership with PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts 
and Video Pool.

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