June 19, 2011

Art City Body Movin' Parade

Saturday, June 25 · 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, 195 Young Street

This year's parade route will be winding it's way around Young St, Broadway, Spence St, Balmoral St, Westminster Ave, Furby St and Langside St. 

Parade starts moving at 2:00 pm, picnic and entertainment to follow.

Body Movin' is this year's theme, all about how people and other living things move and get around.  You will not want to miss the amazing art we have been creating for our biggest event of the year.

Starting in late May, Art City participants have been designing and building moving creatures with sculptor Chris Cooper and giant puppets with marionette master Asa Nodleman at 616 Broadway. 
There will also be a major dance component, featuring dance workshops leading up to the parade, and performances at the post parade picnic.

You can join in the fun by Movin in the parade with us, or bring a lawn chair and watch.

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