June 29, 2011


Tuesday, July 5 7:00 pm (Dress Rehearsal)
Wednesday, July 6 1:00 pm 
Thursday, July 7 1:00 pm
Looking for some spectacular entertainment at Folk Fest? 
Come check out FOLKSPEARE on the Hammock District Stage in the Campground!

A Midsummer Night's Dream. In less than an hour. 
Magic. Puppets. Furkinis. Fairy wings. Slave boys. Rhyming couplets. 
If that isn't enough to convince you then you need to rethink your priorities.

Also, watch out for our Random Improvs around the Campground! 

Aileen Audette as Hermia/Starveling
Amy Groening as Helena/Snout
Aaron Pridham as Lysander/Bottom
Nyk Bielak as Demetrius/Quince
Heather Russell as Titania/Flute
Kelci Stephenson as Puck/Snug
Oberon as Himself
???? as Slave Boy

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