June 25, 2011

McNally's: A Taste of the Fringe

Step right up, book buyers, frequent and first time Fingers!

Over three nights, Prairie Ink Restaurant, at 7:00 pm, will play host to a selection of the wide variety of incredible acts the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival has to offer during McNally Robinson’s A Taste of the Fringe Preview series.

Seating is limited - reserve your seats by calling 975-2659

On Tuesday July 5 six local companies will thrill you with scenes of danger, derring-do, and devlishness while you wine and dine in this non-ticketed event. 
Participating companies include:
Hot Thespian Action previewing A Show of Hands
Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers previewing Bash on Regardless
The Struts and Frets Players previewing Sigurd the Dragonslayer
Nova Dance Collective previewing FRESH
Broken Still Productions previewing Catching Shadows
Look Left Productions previewing The Great American Trailer Park Musical

Thursday July 7 six more local companies will take the stage and set your pulse racing with scenes of panic, pandemonium, and prestidigitation. 
Participating companies include:
Pocket Frock Productions previewing Speech & Debate
Theatre by the River previewing Autobahn
R-G Productions previewing Choosing Home
Drek Daa previewing It's YES: A one man mockery of all things human

Both local company nights feature stand up comedy throughout courtesy 
of Tazzy’s Angels.

On Thursday July 12 the Touring crowd have their say as several acts from all over the globe will converge on a single stage to thrill and chill you. 
Participating acts include:
Randy Rutherford Productions previewing My Brother Sang Like Roy Orbison
Rob Gee previewing Happy Slap
tReAd ThE eDgE Productions previewing Wildwood Park by Doug Wright
Erik De Waal previewing The Pre-History of Moses P.

Visit McNally Robinson for updates. 
See you there, and at the 2011 Fringe!

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll Free 1-800561-1833)

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