February 14, 2012

David King: Freemen of the Plains (MAP)

Gas Station Theatre, 445 River Avenue
February 20, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

A reading of Freemen of the Plains by David King. A historical and sometimes hysterical retelling of events that occurred at the Red River in 1816.

Directed by Ross McMillan, and featuring Wayne Buss, Terri Cherniack, David Gillies, Ernesto Griffith, Toby Hughes, Tom Keenan, Erin McGrath, Dave McLeod, Harry Nelken, Tracey Nepinak, Brian Richardson, Gordon Tanner.

Tickets are $15
Reserve by calling 204-942-8941 or email Manitoba Association of Playwrights

This reading is a Manitoba Association of Playwrights fundraiser. 
All proceeds go to support MAP playwrights programs. 

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