February 20, 2012

Hooks and Eyes

Exhibit Announcement
Hooks and Eyes: Craft tool and how they work
The exhibit will run through mid-May 2012

Hooks and Eyes explores the weird and wonderful world of craft tools, their history, 
and the fantastic results that a craftsperson can achieve through their use.  
Weaving, bobbin lace, embroidery, beading, spinning, and more are showcased.  

Did you know that the craft of crochet might only be about 200 years old?          
No trace crochet has been found in written sources or archaeological sites 
prior to about 1800!
Did you know that the intricate work of bobbin lace is done using only two 
basic motions or “stitches”?  
Did you know that the simple sewing needle was once so prized that women 
had customized needle cases made to protect them?

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