February 8, 2012

Women's Memorial March of Manitoba / Toronto

February 14, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
University of Winnipeg - Bullman Centre, 515 Portage Avenue
Hot refreshments and food will be served.
Please wear red or purple if possible.

To stand together united as one strong voice, for those who are unable to sound their voice. 
We wish to raise awareness and honour the missing or murdered women in support of their families and friends.

There will be people across Canada on February 14, marching to honour these women.

Toronto’s 7th Annual Rally for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

February 14, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Feast at the 519 Church Street Community Centre, 519 Church Street following the rally.

Raising our Voices to Demand the United Nations Investigate 
Missing & Murdered Indigenous women in Canada

According to research conducted by the Native Women Association of Canada (NWAC), under the Sisters In Spirit Program, over 600 Indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing, most of them over the last 30 years.

Despite clear evidence that this is an ongoing issue, the federal government decided in the Fall of 2010 to end funding to Sisters in Spirit. Instead, monies in the amount of $10 million have been dedicated to a central RCMP missing person centre. 

The same institution who, along with the Vancouver Police Department, failed to properly investigate Pickton in 1997, is now at the centre of a public inquiry in Vancouver. The inquiry into the failed Pickton investigation has been boycotted by 20 of the 21 groups who were granted standing due to the denial of adequate funding for legal defense.

Pickton, who was convicted for six murders, has admitted to killing 49 women. 

The Committee to End Discrimination Against Women at the United Nations has accepted submissions put forward by advocates of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES), as well as the Native Women's Association of Canada, and announced their intent to launch an inquiry into Canada's missing and murdered Indigenous women.

We come together in solidarity with the women who started this vigil over 20 years ago in Vancouver's DTES. 

We stand in defense of our lives and to demonstrate against the complicity of the state in the ongoing genocide of Indigenous women and the impunity of state institutions that prevents justice for all Indigenous peoples. 

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