February 11, 2012

Times Change(d): The F-Holes & Chris Carmichael

February 17, 10:00 pm to 1:00 am  

Great night of music for ya!  
Chris is kicking off the night with a not to be missed solo acoustic set, 
followed by the F-Holes with special Little Miss'tery guests.   

Keep the post Festival party going at the Times Change(d), 234 Main Street!!

Lots of people tell me they want more early shows (7 - 9 pm). 
How many of you would be willing to sign up for a subscription to a four show series? 
You'd have to trust my programming instincts on some of the shows, though tickets would be transferrable, (but would have to be paid for upon purchasing the subscription). 
Regular admission to the shows would be $15-$20, but each four-show subscription package would be $50.00. 
Shows would be a mix of traveling and local acts, and the shows would be spaced over a period of 8-12 weeks (one every other week or so). 
So, good people and excellent lovers of live music...go ahead and show your love. You can put your name on the list at the club, or leave me a message at 957-0982. - John Scoles

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