February 20, 2012

The Gentle Barn: Sponsoring & The Buddha Necklace 

Sponsor a Gentle Barn Animal!

Because many of our animals have been severely abused before coming here, and because we have to make up for that abuse by giving them the best lives possible, their care is very expensive. One of the ways we can afford to care for them is by you sponsoring them.  

We have 135 animals and they all need sponsors. Their sponsorship amounts vary from a $5 donation per month for a chicken to a $50 donation per month for a horse. We would be so grateful if you would become a Gentle Barn animal sponsor. You will get a picture and bio of your animal and a regular emailed update of how they are doing.

It is a great feeling knowing that your funds are going to care for an animal in need, that you can have a special relationship for the life of that animal and that you are a part of The Gentle Barn Family.  It also makes a great gift or a special way to honor a loved one. 

Just go to our Virtual Barnyard and pick an animal that you love and that you can afford and get started! We cannot do this wonderful work without you, thank you!

The Buddha Necklace 

The Buddha charm necklace is now for sale in our online store on our website. 

At only $50, this one of a kind necklace designed by expert jeweler Jes MaHarry will be a lifetime show piece and supports the animals, with 100 percent of the sale going to The Gentle Barn.

Buddha is our first cow. Now 12 years old, she has taught love and empathy to well over 100, 000 children. She is a true healer.

The necklace is donated by Jess MaHarry, an exquisite jeweler and animal lover.

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