May 24, 2012

Andy Tekauz: The Fungi are Ready to Attack!!

May 30, 7:30 pm in the Travel Alcove
The Fungi are Ready to Attack – Yes, in Your Garden!

This is the third 2012 installment in McNally Robinson Booksellers and the PrairieGardenCommittee’s series of Gardening Information Talks, taking place the last Wednesday of each month. 

Andy Tekauz is a Plant Pathologist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Cereal Research Centre in Winnipeg.  His work focuses on managing diseases of cereal crops on the prairies. He will introduce you to the world of fungi, some of which are beneficial, but others are a menace both in agriculture and to the plants in your garden.

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll-Free 1-800561-1833)

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