May 26, 2012

Manuel Chantre: Dispergere Maiz

Negative Space, 253 Princess Street
Opening:  June 1, 7:00 pm
Artist Talk: June 1, 8:30 pm
May 24 - June 07

Manuel Chantre focuses on the construction and deconstruction of cultural symbols. 

Dispergere Maiz explores the various representations and symbols associated with corn, 
a plant that has been cultivated and consumed for the last five thousand years. 
The project consists of twenty-four transparent projection screens, four video projectors and four loudspeakers. 
In the dark gallery space, various screens flicker and engage the public in a narrative composed of familiar places and symbols. 
Spectators explore a universe woven of memories and recollections.

General Inquiries: email Video Pool
Tel. 204.949.9134 

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