May 2, 2012

Larry Krotz: AIDS Reseach l Victor Enns

May 8, 7:00 pm in the Atrium
Piecing the Puzzle: The Genesis of AIDS Reseach in Africa 
special guest Dr. Allan Ronald 

In 1979 Dr. Allan Ronald, a specialist in infectious diseases from Canada, and Dr. Herbert Nsanze, head of medical microbiology at the University of Nairobi, were introduced. 

That led to an international collaboration that uncovered critical pieces of the complex puzzle, the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Piecing the Puzzle chronicles the history of the pioneering Kenyan, Canadian, Belgian and American research team that uncovered HIV/AIDS in Kenya, their scientific breakthroughs and setbacks, and their exceptional thirty year relationship that began a new era of global health collaboration. 

Larry Krotz has become well acquainted with Canada’s north, including numerous First Nations communities, and the African countries of Kenya, Zimbabwe and Angola. Over the years his films have won awards and been aired on Canadian and American television. 

Dr. Allan Ronald will speak about his perspective on the research projects and/or the future of AIDS research in Africa.

Victor Enns
May 8, 8:00 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant

Victor Enns is a poet who gives us the complexities of childhood on the prairies. Boy is richly evocative of time and place: small town Manitoba in the 60’s. Enns gives the reader both archetypal and singular experiences which encompass the fluster and cruelty of childhood encounters, the sometimes bitter nature of faith, and the fever and cruelty of new temptations and understandings. 

Victor Enns' first collection, Jimmy Bang Poems, was published after his graduation from the University of Manitoba. Boy is the prequel to Correct in this Culture and Lucky Man which was nominated for the 2005 McNally Robinson Manitoba Book of the Year Award.

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