May 6, 2012

Peter Eyvindson: Kookum’s Red Shoes

May 12, 2:00 pm in the Atrium

Kookum’s Red Shoes is a moving and sensitive account of one woman’s Residential School experience. Kookum (grandmother) is an elderly woman, but she remembers how she was torn away from her family, her home and her dreams when she was a young girl.

The story is told with the empathy, clarity and encouragement readers expect from Peter Eyvindson, and illustrated with warmth and verve by illustrator Sheldon Dawson.

Saskatchewan’s Peter Eyvindson is a veteran children’s author and storyteller, and he is keen to explain the publishing process. 
Kookum’s Red Shoes continues a long and fruitful association with Pemmican Publications, including Red Parka Mary, currently in its seventh edition, and recently adapted by PBS. Other enduring titles include Chester Bear, Where are You?, The Wish Wind and The Missing Sun.

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