May 3, 2012

The Sandwich

May 9 - 12, 8:00 pm nightly
Atomic Centre, 167 Logan Ave
$12 (student/artist/underemployed) and $15 (regular)
Reservations & Info or call 291.9066

out of line theatre presents
The Sandwich: Transforming Consciousness Bite by Bite

Creation + Direction by Mia van Leeuwen
Co-creation + Performance by Ian Mozdzen

Julia Ryckman
Delf Gravert 
Natasha Torres-Garner

Video: Richard Altman

Part Alice in Wonderland, part Requiem For a Dream, part Rocky Horror Picture Show, 
The Sandwich is a transformative journey through a mindscape of altered states.

The Sandwich is inspired by Albert Hoffman’s discovery of LSD. In 1943, the Swiss chemist absorbed a small quantity of an unknown substance through his fingertips while attempting to re-synthesize the molecule ergot, a fungus that grows on diseased rye. 

Hoffman’s hallucinatory self-experimentations would go on to radically change how people experience the world. 

With generous support from the Winnipeg and Manitoba Arts Councils.

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