May 27, 2012


CKUW's annual garage sale radio show, GARAGELAND, starts June 2 and runs every Saturday in June. We're still looking for field reporters - volunteers who go to garage sales and call in live to our CKUW hosts with their sale discoveries and stories. 

If you've never been a Garageland reporter before, here's how it works:  

* Choose any area of Winnipeg or a bit beyond the perimeter where you plan to go to garage sales.  It doesn't matter where you decide or how much ground you cover, we have listeners all over! 

* You'll need a car or a bike or your feet, as well as a phone to call us at 774-6877. 

* When you come across an interesting sale, person, piece of treasure or junk, call the on-air line and tell us about it! 

* The show begins at 8 am, so you can call in any time after that. Around 10 - 10:30 am, field reporters often come down to the station with their best bargains and tales of their morning adventures. We'll compare prices and do a "show and tell" for the last half hour of the show.  

If you have any questions about field reporting, or are only available for some of the morning that's okay!  
Sign up on the volunteer bulletin board at the station. For more details, talk to staff.  
Thanks, and have fun bargain hunting!   

Robin Eriksson, Program Director 
CKUW 95.9fm v: (204) 786-9782 
4CM11 - 515 Portage Avenue 

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