May 18, 2012

Public Art & You

MAWA, 611 Main Street
May 26, 10:00 am

Free! All welcome! 
Pizza Lunch included!

Do you see calls for public art commissions and think, "That’s not for me?" 
Think again! 

Public art can be a part of any artist’s practice. It is simply another venue, another canvas and another site we can use to articulate ourselves.

Public art can take many forms: community-based interactive projects, sculptures, performance interventions! 
Learn more about public art by attending this day-long public art how-to forum featuring experienced artists who have all recently completed projects through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Public Art Program. 

This is also a golden opportunity to hear artists Germaine Koh (Vancouver), Sarah Crawley and Christine Fellows speak about their fascinating work. 

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