September 4, 2012

FemFest 2012 l 2 Cabarets! l Empty - Sylvia Kuzyk l In Waiting l Cry After Midnight l Monologues

FemFest 2012: Staging Identity
September 15 - 22 

Empty by Hope McIntyre
Directed by Nan Fewchuk 
September 21, 7 pm
September 22, 2 pm
Tickets $10

Sarasvàti is pleased to be able to work with Sylvia Kuzyk. As Winnipeg’s beloved weather specialist on CTV, Sylvia was always a pleasure to watch.  She will be playing against type in Empty so audiences will get to see her range as an actor.

Empty will also feature media personality and stand-up comic Aisha Alfa. 
Returning to the play are several local favorites: 
Elena Anciro, Kevin Anderson, Kami Desilets, Murray Farnell and Alissa Watson. 
Plus we welcome Melanie Dean, Rob Haacke, Loc Lu, Jeff Reyes and Brittany Thiessen.

Based on true stories of food bank users, this play is a powerful, sensitive and humorous exploration of the human side of poverty.

Opening Night Cabaret!

September 15, 7:00 pm
Join us for this eclectic variety show, offering a unique smorgasbord of entertainment including music, dance, theatre and film.
Reception to follow the Cabaret.
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or in advance.

Hosted by Susan Tymofichuk of CTV! Featuring:
a new clown performance piece by Lynn Langdon
visual art by MAWA members Willow Rector and Indra Skuja-Grislis
a short film by Rhayne Vermette
two dance pieced by Young Lungs members Sasha Amaya and Zorya Baskier-Pasternak
music from local favourites the Mad Young Darlings 
plus sneak peeks of festival shows and a FemFest retrospective!

September 15, 1 pm
In Waiting
by Claire Therese, Reading

Is a woman’s identity linked to her ability to bear children? Molly is infertile, her struggle to conceive is wreaking havoc on her marriage, and her teenage student is pregnant.

Admission is by donation.

September 15, 3 pm
Cry After Midnight
by Talia Pura, Workshop Presentation

The story of three women, and their war in Afghanistan. 
A surgeon struggling to save the life of a soldier wounded by an IED. 
The young soldier’s wife at home, waiting for his safe return. 
An Afghan national, just trying to stay alive, is at the centre of it all.

Admission by donation. 

FemFest 2012: Closing Night Cabaret!

September 22, 9:00 pm
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door or in advance

Featuring an exciting mix of artists from all disciplines!
Join us for this eclectic variety show, offering a unique smorgasbord of entertainment including music, dance, theatre and film.

Hosted by Chrissy Troy of HOT 103! Featuring:
a new dance piece by Jolene Bailie’s Gear Shifting Performance Work 
a short film by Leslie Supnet
visual art by MAWA members Nora Kobrinsky and Cindy Dyson
dance by last year’s cabaret favourites Prairie Caravan Tribal Bellydance
slam poetry by Ali Tataryn
musical guest Flo

Reception to follow performances.

Call for Monologues, Deadline October 1


Sarasvàti Productions is seeking monologues for female voices by Canadian playwrights for their annual cabaret to celebrate International Women’s Week (March 4 - 10, 2013). 

This year’s theme is ‘Wild Women’ and we are looking for stories that demonstrate women’s courage, strength, stories of rebellion, subversion and primarily comic pieces that use humour to tackle issues. Any style is acceptable as long as the piece is under ten minutes in length and written for a female character.  
Royalties will be paid for use of the monologues.

For more information please phone (204) 586-2236 or e-mail.  
All submissions must be e-mailed to Sarasvàti Productions.

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