September 26, 2012

Leslie Hall Pinder l Siddha Param & Prashant Tipnis

October 2, 7:30 pm 
Bring Me One of Everything

Austin Hart, a brilliant anthropologist, led an expedition in the 1950s to salvage the artistic remains of the British Columbia’s Haida native people. He cut down the largest stand of sacred totem poles in the world for acclaimed museum displays, only to mysteriously and violently kill himself. 

Alicia Purcell, commissioned to write the libretto for an opera based on Hart’s life, becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of his suicide.

Leslie Hall Pinder was called to the bar in 1977. In the 1970s Leslie worked for the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, as in-house counsel. In 1982 she formed her own law firm where she advanced land claims on behalf of her native clients in the highest courts in Canada.

October 3, 7:30 pm
Global Productivity Mindset: Opportunities & Profits Post 2008

The issues raised are designed to form the basis for discussion, training and consulting to create a mindset for productivity that leads to human and financial profit within the realities of a post 2008 global economy.

Siddha Param has over 20 years of understanding multicultural business practices, having advised multinational corporations as a corporate lawyer in Malaysia. He has also conducted training seminars on international trade and business ethics. Siddha is an International Business Consultant.

Prashant Tipnis has over 25 years experience in the manufacturing industry on four continents. He has worldwide management, business, consulting, and training experience and is also a Lean Greenbelt Champion.

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