September 17, 2012

Three Years Anniversary!

Happy Third Birthday to Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate!!
And THANK YOU for visiting, whether you're a daily, weekly or occasional guest.

Three years... wow!! 

Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate is a continuation of Better Than Chocolate, a radio show Sophie Kolt and I produced on the University of Winnipeg's campus and community radio station, CKUW 95.9 FM. 

Sophie and I were on every Thursday morning and we tried our best to present an hour packed with happenings, news, music, humor and local personalities.  
We were voted People’s Choice for Favourite Spoken Word Show in 2008. 
Not bad for a year's run!! 

Originally I'd planned to do three posts a week.
But, there's just too much happening in Winnipeg for just 3 posts!  
There is indeed a plethora of things to see and do in Winnipeg. 

In July 2010 blogger started recording the number of viewings the posts have gotten.  
This past weekend I took a look at the numbers for them... yes, all 1,769 posts!
As the saying goes, numbers don't lie.  
I'll do my best to bring you more news in the topics you want.

Blogger also keeps track of the top 10 visiting countries. 
I'm still amazed at learning where you live.  
Canada is still number one, followed by the United States.
Not too big a surprise there, especially since folks from the States come to Canada.
The folks in Russia, Germany, Slovenia, France, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Japan and the Netherlands are also curious about what is happening in Winnipeg.
It's truly a small world!

Thanks again for visiting!

Thank you to those who sent news to be included in Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate.  
Please, keep those e mails coming.

I'd also like comments.  
It's easy to do.  Just click on Comments and write.  
Tell me what you want to know about. 
Let me know how I'm doing.
Or send me a message through Facebook. 

This blog wouldn't be anything without your news. 


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I visit here daily!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for your kind words!!
    I hope you've enjoyed your visits!