March 1, 2011

Craig Street Cats

Craig Street Cats, 487 Craig St., is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of Winnipeg's free roaming cats. 

Founded in April, 2008 to care for the feral cats on Wolseley's Craig Street, it has grown to a city wide organization caring for over 300 cats in all areas of Winnipeg.

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Call 204 223-6652


In 2010 CSC spayed or neutered 93 cats and kittens.  
We rescued 2 previously altered cats, 3 kittens were too sick or injured to save, and another 2 are still waiting for neutering. 
TOTAL: 100 cats and kittens came through our doors last year.   

There are lots of ways that you can help that won't cost you any money.     
Cash in some Air Miles for items we need, like gas certificates or Rona gift cards.  
If you have visa rewards you can cash in for gift certificates at Zellers.  

Our Wish List 
canned cat food (Friskies or Fancy Feast) 
dry cat food (quality foods are needed to bring cats to good health) 
cat litter clumping and regular 
large plastic storage bins with secure lids 
cleaning / laundry supplies (liquid detergents, bleach, dryer sheets)   
paper towels 
garbage bags  

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