March 6, 2011

FemmeToxique: Sweat it Off!

Come to the International Women's Week closing Dance Party!  

Join us for an evening of using old makeup products to create an art project, for thought provoking dialogue and a dancy ol time on Saturday, March 12 at 8:00 pm at The Lo Pub, 330 Kennedy Street.  

Join FemRev for a night of sweating off the toxins, a dance party that busts myths around cosmetics and the beauty industry, that raises awareness around the potential dangers of cosmetic ingredients and where young women are encouraged to see through the façade of beauty products.   

With DJ Nicole and DJ Two Topping  
Donations of old make-up and nail polish for this event are greatly appreciated. 
Please drop donations off at the University of Winnipeg Womyn's Centre.
Call first to set up a drop-off time: 786-9788.  

Hosted by FemRev for Girls Action Foundation Light a Spark Campaign.

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