March 19, 2011

Dylan Miner & Kristin Nelson

Dylan Miner
March 25 – April 23
Reception: Friday, March 25, from 8:00 to 11:00 pm

With a nod to Louis Riel and the Métis provisional government that he helped establish in 1869-1870, artist Dylan Miner uses ‘provisional’ as the starting point from which to interrogate the transitory nature of politics, knowledge, borders, people, identity, history, sports, masculinity, and gender.

Borrowing from a multiplicity of sources, Miner’s artwork considers momentary lapses that could potentially change at any minute.  “Provisional” looks backward to move forward in a pre-figurative and unending movement into the future.  -- Curator, Jenny Western

My Life With Pamela Anderson and Other Work 
Kristin Nelson
to April 9

Kristin Nelson is an inter-media artist whose works focus on urban renewal, gender performance and identity. Kristin’s eclectic output includes printmaking, textiles, painting and digital media. 

(204) 942-2674

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