October 4, 2011

Amnesty International: Letter Writing

Take action against human rights abuses around the world. 

Come join the monthly meeting to write letters about human rights. 
We provide the letters and materials.
We meet from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at 27 Dundurn.

Mail can be sent to: 251 B Notre Dame Ave, Wpg, MB   R3B 1N8
phone 204-786-2480


Amnesty International Group 19 (Winnipeg) is most active during the months of September through June, holding monthly speaker meetings, occasional workshops, monthly or bi-monthly planning meetings, and monthly letter writing circles. These meeting are free of charge, and everyone is welcome to come and see what we do!

We expose torture, help stop human rights violations and promote global awareness. 
We are advocates and supporters of human rights for all.

Founded in 1961 by British lawyer Peter Benenson, Amnesty International grew to 70,000 members in 65 countries during its first ten years. By 1981 Amnesty had more than 300,000 members in about 100 countries. 
Today there are almost two million Amnesty members around the world.

Amnesty International works to free prisoners of conscience. Amnesty is constantly evolving in response to new threats to human rights, new understandings of what human rights are, and new opportunities to protect people’s human rights. 
Because Amnesty is an independent, democratic movement, our members always decide on any new directions for Amnesty’s mission.

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