October 28, 2011

Ghana, Artbeat Studio & Marina Nemat

Music & Dance Tour to Ghana
November 2, 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Imagine yourself there! 
In the midst of the beating drums. 
People dancing, singing, clapping, sweating from the tropical heat. 
Imagine yourself... 
being a part of that event, playing the drums, dancing. 
lying on the beach, next to the palm trees, sipping locally made wine from a cut gourd. 
walking at the tops of the trees, looking out over the rainforest, 
listening to the sound of the birds speaking, to the sound of monkeys in the distance. 

For more information, come out to this special Travel Presentation evening or visit 

After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed
Nov 03, 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium

Arrested at age sixteen in Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran, Marina Nemat was imprisoned in Teheran’s notorious Evin prison for two years. 

She emigrated to Canada in 1991 and lives with her husband and two sons near Toronto. In this book, Nemat provides a riveting account of her escape and her journey to Canada, via Hungary, with her family.

Settling into a new life as immigrants, she and her husband seemingly adapt. 
But inwardly, Nemat is struggling. 
Haunted by survivor’s guilt, she feels compelled to speak out about what had happened. Her account becomes a bestselling book; and again her life is changed. 
A story of courage and recovery, After Tehran chronicles Nemat’s confrontation with her past, how she re-engages with her distant father, and how ultimately she emerges from the emotional ravages of posttraumatic stress.

This evening is co-presented by the Centre for Human Rights Research at the University of Manitoba.

Artbeat Studio Annual Launch
Nov 03, 8:00 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant

Communitas: Artbeat Annual Six
The sixth installment of the Artbeat Studio Annual profiles 15 diverse artists from the studio’s 11th and 12th biannual exhibitions. 
Communitas features a beautiful collection of artworks including acrylics, fabric art, sculpture, and more.  Guest writers include Anna Wiebe, Yude M. Henteleff, Fran Schellenberg and Karen E. Toole. 

Nigel Bart, the Artbeat Studio founder and facilitator and special guests will speak. 
Arrive early- the Barthouse Band will perform traditional fiddle tunes prior to the program.

Artbeat Studio Inc. is a community-based, peer-directed program that provides social supports, working art studio/gallery space and mentorship for individuals living with mental illness, for the purpose of recovery and empowerment. 
The Studio is committed to decreasing stigma and discrimination through positive action, mental health education and advocacy.

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