October 11, 2011

World Food Day Human Library

Sunday, October 16 · 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Carol Shield Auditorium, Millennium Library
Could you eat on $4 a day? 
That's how much Manitobans on social assistance have to spend on food - without having fully stocked kitchens, accessible and affordable transportation, and food skills. 

We've asked a few Manitobans to try living on $4 for food a day in the week leading up to World Food Day. They will share their experiences and then, on October 16, we will come together to talk about food issues.

At this event you will be able to check out human books who can talk to you about local and global food issues. There will be opportunities to find out more about local food organizations and what books about food you could check out of the Millenium Library. 

We hope to see you there!!

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