October 27, 2011


Leading teachers and researchers from the U of Winnipeg will inform, engage and challenge you on topics of broad historical, political & scientific interest.

We present a showcase of some of Manitoba’s finest musicians from jazz to folk and classical to contemporary.

But bring your own lunch!
Carol Shields Auditorium, 2nd floor, Millennium Library,  251 Donald Street
12:10 - 12:50 pm

Nov 2
Prof. Danielle Gaucher, U of Winnipeg Psychology.
Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Social Change
Nov 3
Diva Knows Best - Jazz with Colleen Morrison, vocals, and Jim Partridge, keyboard

Nov 9
Prof. Amy Desroches, U of Winnipeg Psychology. 
A Glimpse into the Dyslexic Brain
Nov 10
Bola Oriyomi - African tales and dance

Nov 16
Prof. Bill Buhay, U of Winnipeg Geography.
Resuscitating a Dead Horse: The Symptoms of Excess Nutrients in a Red River Tributary
Nov 17
Red River Jig with Aboriginal fiddler Matthew Contois & Winnipeg musician Sister Dorothy

Nov 23
Prof. Jino Distasio, U of Winnipeg Institute of Urban Studies. 
Getting People off the Streets: A New Pathway to Ending Homelessness in Canada
Nov 24
The Classical Clarinet - Featuring clarinetist Colin Mehmel

Nov 30
Prof. Claire Labrecque, U of Winnipeg Art History.
Discovering Medieval Pilgrimage Through Art and Architecture: Pious Peregrinations
Dec 1
Starlight Jazz Trio

Prof. Helmut-Harry Loewen, U of Winnipeg Sociology.
Neofascist Terror Networks Today: An Overview of Right-Wing Extremism
Dec 8
From Distant Shores - Paul & Susan Hammer take you to Merrie Olde England and Ireland

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