October 1, 2011

Julie Rousse: Sound Sculpture

Sound Sculpture: from wanderin’ in industrial zones to dreamin’ in the the fields
Friday, October 7, noon to 1:00 pm at MAWA, 611 Main St.

Julie Rousse has been collecting sounds for over 15 years, and is always seeking new sources. Raw sounds are, for her, an infinite source of rhythm and colour, which she shapes with real time sound treatment software – real time being the essential element of her spontaneous approach. 

Her talk will explore the artistic process of a sound sculptor.

Julie is interested in regaining an organic feeling in music by means of electronic devices and improvisational acts, with a marked taste for abstract narration. 
She has presented her work throughout Europe, and in Canada, USA, Tunisia and Chile. 
She lives and works in Paris.

Julie Rousse is a guest sound artist at the 13th edition of send + receive: a festival of sound, taking place from October 5 – 8.

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