March 7, 2012

BHTC: John Guare's The House of Blue Leaves

The BHTC presents: John Guare's The House of Blue Leaves

March 13 to March 24
Black Hole Theatre, 220 Dysart Road, lower level of University College.
7:00 pm - Mar 13 and 20
8:00 pm - Mar 14 - 17, 21 -24

Tickets: $15 Adults, $12 Students and Seniors
Tickets can either be purchased at the door or in advance.
For reservations and group discounts contact the 24hr Box Office at 474-6880.

Director George Toles dubs The House of Blue Leaves a “tragic farce” in an attempt to do justice to its hellzapoppin blend of terror and delight, squalor and giddy high spirits.

-There will be a 15 minute intermission.-

The prologue, a one-of-a-kind talent show, will begin 20 minutes before showtime, 
so arrive early!

The action takes place in October, 1965, the day of Pope Paul’s visit to New York to make a plea to the U.N. to end the war in Vietnam. 
As the motorcade wends its way, Bunny Flingus persuades her middle-aged zookeeper boyfriend, Artie Shaugnessy, to seek a blessing on their union. 
Artie is still living with a depressed to the point of catatonia wife, Bananas.
Ronnie, the son of Artie and Bananas, has built a bomb with which he hopes to assassinate the Pope. 
Chaos ensues when, in addition to these figures, a trio of nuns, a deaf movie starlet, and director Billy Einhorn himself complicate matters. Tra-la-la.

Artie Shaughnessey- Daniel Chen 
Bunny Flingus- Anne Tuma 
Bananas Shaughnessey- Claire Friesen 
Ronnie Shaughnessey- Thomas Toles 
Corinna Stroller- Katherine Leithead 
Head Nun- Shaylyn Maharaj-Poliah 
Second Nun- Kayleigh Nichol
Little Nun- Laurie MacDonell 
Billy Einhorn- Justin Fry 
M.P.- Corey Malone 
Man in White- Kevin Ramberran

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