March 8, 2012

Spcw Winnipeg: March 13 Rally & Meeting / Fair Bus Fares

Please attend 
the Executive Policy Committee meeting inside City Hall, 9:00 am, March 13.
the rally outside City Hall, 8:30 am, Tuesday, March 13. 
Invite your friends, networks, colleagues, and others to attend the rally.

To register to speak, before Monday, March 12, phone or e-mail 311 
or register in person at City Hall, 510 Main Street.

Call, mail or e-mail the Mayor and your city councillor. Contact information

Sign a petition or print out a hard copy, get others to sign and send to:
Social Planning Council, 300-207 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C1M5
Hard copies of petitions MUST be received by Monday, March 12 at 12:00 noon. 

Volunteers who would like to help put up posters or take leaflets and petitions 
on-board city buses are asked to contact janelle

“We may win this fight or not. But if we don’t fight it, we know for sure they’ll do the same thing to us again and again!” - Winnipeg Harvest volunteer Dave Mouland

Make a presentation at the Executive Policy Committee meeting to support 
the motion to rescind from the Infrastructure and Public Works Committee. 

You are welcome to speak your mind.
Here are some of the key messages Spcw will be telling the EPC:

Transit riders should not be used as pawns in a political game.
We need rapid transit to be paid for in a just and equitable way. 
We need improved transit, including improved handi-transit and 
more affordable transit for the many who live in poverty in our city. 

This 20-cent increase brought us together, and we will continue to push 
for a transit system Winnipeg can be proud of.
update March 9

The fare hike will be rescinded because the province will not allow the city to receive the 50/50 funding agreement on operations AND take money from operations and use it for capital. 

Because of this, a rally at City Hall on Tuesday would not serve much purpose, so we will not be holding the rally. 

It's explained very well by Global Winnipeg

The public is always welcome to attend the Executive Policy Committee meetings, and there will be many groups speaking to the operating budget on Tuesday. For those registered to speak at the EPC meeting, you can stay on the agenda and thank those Councillors who supported us with their efforts and their vote.

Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication. At the beginning of the fare hike, the Province said it would not intervene. Without us, our efforts and commitment, I am certain the fare hike would have gone through. The pressure put on Council and the province from the public showed that transit riders have a voice and will no longer be afraid to use it.  - Spcw Winnipeg

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