March 21, 2012


Friday, March 23, 5:00 pm
City Hall, 510 Main St.


Join us for a rally in support of Osborne House, a safe-house for women and children 
who are victims of domestic violence. 

Osborne House offers food, shelter, counselling and hope for the city's most vulnerable. 
Due to a 75% decrease in private donations over the past years and a steady increase in the community's need for Osborne House, the safe-house is in dire need of support from the municipal government.

On March 15, Osborne House attended City Council requesting $450,000 in annual funding. 
This request was denied by council with the reason that the request came at the last minute and was too expensive. 
Barbara Judt, CEO of Osborne House, has documented communications with the City of Winnipeg dating back six months.

On Tuesday, March 20 Osborne House spoke to have the City's decision rescinded.
This request was not only denied, but completely ignored. 
Not a single question about Barbara's proposal was asked.

At Tuesday's hearing, Councillor Fielding, who spoke in support of the budget, 
claimed that public safety is one of the key priorities of this years budget.
Clearly he does not consider women and children an essential part of this priority. 

Because their funding request was denied Osborne House will be forced to turn down women and children who need safety.

Women and children are at greater risk of physical, sexual and emotional violence; 
they are at a greater risk of homelessness.

Women and children are at greater risk of death.

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  1. Dear Mayor Katz,

    In a previous marriage many years ago, I was the victim of domestic abuse and used the services of Osborne House. Although my relationship with my ex-husband has changed significantly over the years mostly due to divorce, many years that have passed, and a commitment to being the best possible parents and grandparents to our kids and grandkids, I still have no doubt that at the time my life was in danger.

    Abraham Maslow,on his hierarchy of needs, put safety (security of body, employment, resources, morality, the family, health and property) pretty close to the base of our needs. A person cannot develop into a productive member of society if they are always looking over their shoulder wondering where the knife or bullet might appear.

    There are many women today in Manitoba and Winnipeg who are in the same position I was in many years ago and deserve better. They deserve to be safe. Their safety should not become a bargaining chip between two levels of government. Please keep the women of Winnipeg and Manitoba safe. Please resolve this issue quickly so that women who need it can have access to this life saving shelter.

    Thank you,

    Yours truly,

    Maureen Williams

    cc: Premier Selinger